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It’s cruel to fight handicap parking abuse by taking away disabled placards To the editor: An important item was left out of this article, and it is the fact that many people obtain disabled placards who don’t really qualify for one. I am not talking about those people with real disabilities who “look normal,” but people with no disability who persuade a physician to give a reason why they need a placard. As a doctor, I was unpopular for often refusing such requests, but it should be no Betting Tips different than refusing to provide antibiotics for viral illness. Come to my neighborhood and see how many disabled placards there are on the street used by able-bodied people. To the editor: I am a senior who requires a handicap placard. It really bothers me when I see cars parked in handicap spots not displaying a placard. I feel helpless in these situations, as there is no one around for me to report this infraction. I have left notes on the windshields of these cars telling the drivers that they should look elsewhere for a spot to park. These scofflaws force me to park farther away than ผลฟุตบอลทุกลีกวันนี้ I should have to. What has happened to having consideration for others? Don’t people care about that anymore?

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